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A/Prof Kelsey Hegarty


Director of Postgraduate Nursing Programs, Equity and Staff Development Coordinator

Kelsey Hegarty is Associate Professor and leads the Abuse and Violence research program in the Primary Care Research Unit, Department of General Practice, The University of Melbourne. She is also Equity and Staff Development coordinator and Director of the Postgraduate Primary Care Nursing Course in the Department.  She works in general practice 2 sessions per week.
During the last decade Kelsey has contributed at both national and international levels to the intimate partner violence field. She has developed a program of research in family violence, which commenced with her thesis. For this, she developed a new measure of domestic violence the Composite Abuse Scale, which is the first validated multidimensional measure of partner abuse and is available in 6 languages. The program of research is in three areas – definition and prevalence of family violence; mental and physical health consequences of family violence and thirdly, screening for and responding to family violence in health care settings. She currently leads the first large domestic violence screening and intervention trial (weave) in general practice in the world with long term outcome results available in 2012.
She has co-edited a book on “Intimate partner abuse for health professionals” and is on two Cochrane systematic reviews of screening and advocacy interventions for domestic violence.  She played a significant role in the development of the international guidelines on clinician management of all family members (available on the Royal Australian College of General Practice website). She has developed an innovative domestic violence curriculum for general practitioners and she regularly teaches domestic violence and mental health issues to undergraduates and postgraduate medical and nursing practitioners. She is currently chair of the management committee of the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria.

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