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2014 PapScreen Victoria Nursing Scholarship

Do you want to become a Nurse Cervical Screening Provider?

Applications are now open for Women's Health Screening. This distance education course can be taken as a single subject or as part of a Graduate Certificate or Diploma in Primary Care Nursing.

PapScreen Victoria is offering financial assistance for Victorian Registered Nurses (Division 1) to become cervical screening providers.

Application closes on 8 December 2014.

For enquiries please contact Kirsten Hausknecht on 03 9514 6425 or

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General Practice and Primary Health Care

We are offering short courses that may be of interest to the primary care community. These provide an introduction to, and training in, various aspects of research and evaluation. Topics covered include introduction to research methods in primary care, primary care research ethics, quantitative and qualitative data collection, data management and analysis.

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Immunisation and Travel Health Brochure NEW Immunisation and Travel Health Subject

Are you interested in becoming an independent nurse immuniser?

We are now taking applications for the subject Immunisation and Travel Health. Immunisation and Travel Health provides comprehensive training in this specialist area and offers nurses invaluable insights into best practice. For more information

Apply now for Postgraduate Certificate/
Diploma in Primary Care Nursing

Applications are open for Semester 2, 2014

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A/Prof John Furler was a panel member in a discussion about “Making health care decisions when bombarded by too much information” at the recent NHMRC Translational Research Conference in Melbourne. The panel was moderated by Paul Barclay of the ABC Radio National Big Ideas program, where the panel discussion is available for download or podcast . (ABC Radio National | 19 Nov)

A/Prof Meredith Temple-Smith was interviewed by media student Bianca Mureddu of The News Room, Macleay College, on Ad laws blamed for "designer vaginas". (The News Room | 23 Oct)

A/Prof Meredith Temple-Smith and Dr Magdalena Simonis were interviewed by Amanda Davey of 6 minutes of interesting stuff for doctors today, on Demand for labiaplasty at all-time high. (6minutes | 10 Oct)

Dr Amy Litras presented her study "Can we do it in Bunnings? Sexual health promotion and STI screening for adolescent males" at the Australasian Sexual Health Conference in Sydney (9-11 October). The press release for the conference was featured in The Australian (9 Oct) and The Daily Telegraph (9 Oct).

Dr Amy Litras was interviewed by Channel 10 Adelaide about the use of the internet for self-diagnosis. (Channel 10, Adelaide | 9 Oct).

Dr Amy Litras was interviewed by Radio ABC Adelaide on "Where are young men getting their sexual health information?" (Radio ABC, Adelaide | 8 Oct).

Dr Amy Litras was interviewed by Brad Crouch of The Advertiser, Adelaide on Dr Google, porn and mates - where young men get their sex health advice. (The Advertiser, Adelaide | 3 Oct)

Congratulations to Prof Kesley Hegarty who received Second Prize for her video "Can family doctors help abused women: Lessons from the WEAVE project" entered in the inaugural Global Women's Institute's and Sexual Violence Research Initiative's 5-Minute GBV Science Fair.


A/Prof Meredith Temple-Smith interviewed for an article in The Australian on "Risky sex blamed on apathy and ignorance" (The Australian - 16 June 2014) A lack of knowledge about contraception and sexually transmissible infections, apathy toward sexual health matters and immaturity in decision-making is placing young men and their partners at greater risk of disease and unplanned parenthood. By Rachel Baxendale. Read more


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